Theme documentation

We are happy to see you here, it means you are interested about creation of Brainedpage themes. Here a good news, it is pretty easy! You just need to know about some conventions and continue working with HTML/CSS/Javascript as you know.

Following steps

  1. Learn about our Theme structure

  2. Know how Assets folder works.

  3. Learn about Liquid, its operators, logic tags, and output tags.

  4. Use our available variables in your theme.

  5. There are a few "special" files in your theme. Learn about them.

  6. Enjoy! Now you can adapt any HTML design and make a Brainedpage Theme with it.

  7. Upload, and set it in your page, or even better, sell it to users at our Market.


To make this easier, we have also open-sourced a theme template on Github. You can view the code for this theme online at:

Also, you can check out the source code of our Folder Theme.